Raw Garden Sprout T-Shirt


Colors will vary by size



Raw Garden Sprout T-Shirt

Raw Garden Sprout T-Shirt

Strains Apparel | Pineapple Strains T-Shirt | Tie Dye

Available in Sizes:


Medium, Large, X Large


If ordering online: Please be sure to indicate the size you would prefer in the notes!

Raw Garden Sprout T-Shirt


Are you looking for the fun in your life? Our Strains Tie-Dye shirt is the life of the party, and what you need to be wearing on your next day out!


Here at raw garden shop we are interested in customer satisfaction and always make sure that we deliver on time and delivery is always discreet 100%. We have more sweet offers like coupon codes that helps with bulk buying and also work best for those who are interested in retailing.



We have seen clients consistently deal with issues with the conveyance a piece of the business, Raw Garden is giving 100% assurance of brief and safe conveyance for your request to your location Provided .We use USPS, UPS, FedEx to deliver your request incredibly watchful, in plain earthy colored boxes, vacuum fixed , extremely close and no smell of substance. Our principle point of bundling carefully is to guarantee security for our clients.

We transport all through the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, Europe, Asia and a few pieces of Africa.

Delivery inside USA will be done per day after the request has been gotten and installment affirmed either for the time being or during the day. Clients will be educated on that.

Oversea transportation will take 2 to 3 work days relying upon your area after installment affirmation .

A Tracking number will be given to all clients to track and follow their bundle on


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