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We make Products developed from our own seeds, and we utilize unquestionably the best Cannabis blossoms as the source. Our special reaping measure uses a best-in-class Cryogenic freezing strategy to catch and secure the entire embodiment of the Cannabis plant while it is still new and alive before it can dry out and lose any of its characteristic flavors and smells. At that point, we remove the Cannabis oil from the frozen plants to make our protected Raw Garden Live Resin and Refined Live Resin items. Also, that is the thing that you breathe in –  100% Cannabis – no additives or artificial flavors, ever. Cannabis oil and Cannabis terpenes – positively no additional flavors, and no added substances of any kind. Nothing counterfeit hinders your pleasure in Raw Garden.

We're known for exceptional cannabis

Raw Garden Cartridges

Raw Garden has reliably put out grant-winning, Clean Green confirmed, cannabis oils since 2015. Advancement is vital, as Raw Garden has delivered quality items utilizing new advances and plant strains.

Raw Garden keeps on coming out on top in imaginative horticultural practices. The Clean Green Certification program is the #1 cannabis certifier perceived around the world. Cannabis is definitely not a governmentally perceived farming harvest so this is the nearest to natural cannabis that one can get. The program guarantees that the entirety of the cannabis utilized by Raw Garden is cultivated and handled dependent on National and International natural and supportable prescribed procedures. To fulfill those guidelines implies that lone natural and normal composts, soil corrections, and bug control strategies are utilized on the ranch and that no counterfeit fixings, flavors, or thinners are at any point utilized in the preparation. Producers must be legitimately agreeable which includes a careful survey of their records, and broad testing to demonstrate the office’s capacity to shield the cannabis from tainting. The outcome is a brand that buyers can buy with certainty that not exclusively are they getting a superior item yet that their customer dollars are supporting ecologically stable, feasible cultivating rehearses.

Raw Garden Cartridges

“Your ultimate source.”

At Raw Garden, we’ve made it our central goal to form Cannabis into a cutting edge, economical horticultural harvest with a creation model that exploits many years of innovative progression in column crop cultivating. Doing that has required a guarantee to concentrating the entirety of California’s claim to fame crops, including; berries, lettuce, celery, tomatoes, squash, plants, citrus, nuts and blossoms. It’s been a meticulous interaction that has yielded compensations for us and for our local area.

Hidden in the Hills

Raw Garden is tucked away in the rolling hills of Santa Ynez, in Santa Barbara’s wine country. We have over 50 acres of hoop houses on our organic farm. As one of the largest cultivators in California, we feel it is our duty to lead the charge in sustainable, organic farming practices. Our business focuses on developing what it means to be sustainable and organic, ensuring that our farming practices are environmentally sound.

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